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freeCodeCamp APIs and Microservices Projects

RESTful API built with Node.js, Express, and
MongoDB for freeCodeCamp APIs and
Microservices Certification.

This project is a result of my learning the backend basics on freeCodeCamp which includes the following sections:

To complete this block and get the certificate I've built 5 small node.js projects:

parses timestamp in milliseconds or date string from the API endpoint and returns a JSON with timestamp and date.
gets the IP address, preferred languages, and system info of the client's device.
allows to post URL and receive a shortened URL which could be copied. Visiting the shortened URL will redirect to the original link.
allows adding user, to add an exercise to any user, to get the user's exercise log optionally for the selected period.
allows submitting a form object that includes a file upload, on submitting receive JSON with file's name, type, and size.